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World of Battles

World of Battles World of Battles
World of Battles World of Battles

World of Battles. Патч 0.9.12.

New Features and Content

  1. New 3D sounds - switch it on and enjoy cool atmospheric battle sounds!
  2. Network configuration detection - game client automatically detects possible network configuration-dependent problems that may occur during play. It will also show a type of player's router in the Lobby.
  3. Network configuration compatibility check - server will automatically kick a player from a battlefield room if he or she creates difficulties for other players in this room (making them unable to host) due to incompatible network configurations (NAT types, firewall etc.).
  4. You may now buyout a temporary unit to make it a regular one (with no time limitation) when it's expired.
  5. At last the number of battles won in a quest is saved every time you end the battle.
  6. For winning a quest battle you'll sometimes receive more valuable items than you could get before but these items generally have limited durability and can serve you only for limited amount of battles.
  7. You may now create battlefields on Lif Shadal Mountain map.
  8. Taking all your propositions related to elite units into consideration we've made a number of tweaks which make these new units more balanced (please see "Balance Tweaks" section below for details). Therefore it's time to release non-temporary version of these units for you to purchase in our units shop for gems. Also you may buyout temporary units you already have (see this feature above).
  9. If you don't have enough gold to buy a unit or item you may pay in gems now - the choice is yours.
  10. You may now purchase gems using an SMS, Audiotel or Internet+ payment systems on our website. Please note that these options are available only in France for now.

Balance Tweaks
General balancing:

  1. Running ability is fixed, now it acts as following:
    Level 1 - 125% of movement speed during 15 seconds, cooldown - 45 sec.
    Level 2 - 125% of movement speed during 20 seconds, cooldown - 45 sec.
    Level 3 - 130% of movement speed during 20 seconds, cooldown - 40 sec.
  1. Assault ability is fixed. Now it gives 10%/12%/15% power reduction depending on the level of ability.
  2. Dwarven Heavy Cavalry unit's basic Movement increased from 25 to 27.
  3. Light Pikemen unit's AP increased by 30% because of Assault ability.
  4. All light units' AP is increased by 5% because of Running ability.
  5. Maximum damage bonus for Pierce ability is reduced from 4/point to 3.5/point.

Elite units balancing:

  1. Demolition Team. Now it's 5 seconds between detonation and explosion (instead of 3). Damage percentage is reduced depending on a distance from epicenter. Now only a unit deeply intersecting with the Demolition Team receives 100% of explosion damage. Demolition Team has no "Cohort" formation ability anymore.
  2. Holy Knights. Inspiration aura radius is slightly reduced.
  3. Berserkers. Berserker ability doesn't give any bonus if an enemy unit attacks from back.

Fixing and Tuning

  1. A bug caused units not to respawn sometimes in Deathmatch mode is fixed.
  2. A crash occurred on Main Screen after login on some computers is fixed.
  3. A bug caused a rank filter to be stuck on a single level without any possibility to change it is fixed.
  4. A bug preventing AP to be changed in header after army modification is fixed.
  5. Subscribed players are now marked with a subscription sign in the Lobby.
  6. Dozens on minor UI and Army Management bugs are fixed.

Коротко и по-русски.

Патч решил мою проблему и игра успешно заработала без той назойливой ошибки. Переводить всё на русский мне лень, тем боле, что патч далеко не последний. Коротко, патч исправляет множество ошибок, делает игру удобнее в техническом плане, и, естественно, перекраивает баланс игры, причём в значительной степени.

World of Battles
Автор: Голыгин Е.А. с использованием клиента игры
дата публикации: 09.10.2009

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